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Layby Terms & Conditions

What is a layby?

When you use layby, ASGC agrees to hold the goods for you. You agree to pay for them in instalments, and both parties agree how long it will take. When you make the last payment you can collect the goods.

eg, you see a gun you want but you don't have enough money to pay for it. You ask the ASGC to hold the gun for you. You pay a deposit. Then you pay the rest of the total price in weekly payments until all payments clear.

ASGC will hold the goods for you unless you do not make payments as agreed. The price of goods held on layby cannot be increased if new stock comes in at a higher price. Also, if the goods go on sale during the time you have the goods on layby you are not entitled to the goods at the reduced price.

Terms and conditions of layby sale


You and ASGC agree on the terms.


The terms include:

1. min $200 to create the layby file.

2. 20% deposit on the total purchase of goods. ( Non-refundable, those fees will cover our selling cost and Loss of value if layby cancelled )

3. The customer need pay off layby within 3 months, start from the date of layby was created. (If the layby hasn’t been paid off within 3 months, ASGC will cancel the layby automatically)