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ASGC Membership


How do I become a member of ASGC?


  • Come into our ASGC store.
  • Read through the laws and rules of possessing and using an Airsoft weapon.
  • Sit an Airsoft Theory and Practical Test and Pass.
  • Fill in your full details in the application form and sign it.
  • Pay a one-off membership application fee of $20.
  • Take a photo in store. You will be provided with your Membership Card on spot.

Then once you have become a member, you will be able to start earn points with membership number provided.


What benefits does a membership give?

With your membership you will be able to collect points on every item bought through the www.asgc.co.nz website or when items are bought directly from ASGC shop.

This excludes sales of items through Trade Me.


How do I earn points?

Gaining reward points is easy. For every dollar you spend through www.asgc.co.nz or with ASGC directly (exclude trade-me and 2nd Hand deal) you will receive one point.


What can I do with these points?

Redeem your points for discounts and other promotions that will be for members only.


Could it get any better?

Yes it can. You will also have access to the member only section of the forums where you can chat with other members and ASGC staff.

You will also be able to receive technical support and constant updates on new and upcoming airsoft items and equipment.


*Conditions apply  – Memberships can be applied for when you come in personally or contact us via e-mail to receive the promotion membership. Proof of purchases may have to be supplied.



ASGC Gaining Points and Using Points


1. Once becoming a member with ASGC, you will start to gain points with every purchase.



If you use a 10% discount voucher on a $1000 purchase, you will get $100 off. Your total purchase will only be $900, and you will still gain 900 points.


2. For every dollar spend in our store, you will receive 1 point. This does not include Trade-Me deals, labour costs and 2nd hand gun deals.


3. Please provide your membership card or details when you make an order with ASGC, so that we may update your points.


4. Points cannot be exchanged or transfered to another member.


5. Reward points will never expire.


6. ASGC reserves the right to terminate membership without notice.


7. Rewards are subject to availability.


8. Point redeemable items cannot be returned or exchanged; please consider the risks when purchasing a points item.


9. Discount vouchers cannot be used in Trademe or 2nd Hand purchases.


10. Historical Purchase do not count.