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UMAREX (VFC) H&K MP5A5 AEG (Die-Casting Version)


VFC H&K MP5A5 AEG (Die-Casting Version) 

All Measurements are Approximate.

Item Weight (gram): 2600grams 
Major Color Black
Length: 490mm with Stock Retracted and 640mm with Stock Extended
Hop-up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: 3 Rd Burst/Semi/Fully Auto
AEG Power Source: Li-Poly battery or NiMh Battery
Fit Battery Pack: 2 Stick ASGC 7.4v LiPos
Magazine Capacity: 200rds Hi-Cap
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 390 FPS
Package Includes

Umarex (VFC) MP5A5 AEG (Die-Casting Version)
Barrel Cleaning Tool



VFC H&K MP5A5 AEG (Die-Casting Version) 

The H&K MP5A5 by VFC fully licensed through Umarex is one of the few licensed MP5 variants available in the market. The H&K MP5 is one of the closest replicas to the real gun counterpart. Externally, the H&K MP5A5 contains a retractable stock with a sling mounting point on the left side. The lower receiver is also constructed of polymer along with the ambidextrous fire selector and the upper receiver is constructed out of metal. Towards the top of the upper receiver are licensed trademarks as well as a unique serial number. The charging handle is manufactured out of metal to prevent breaking when accessing the hop up unit. Internally, you will find a high quality gearbox from VFC. VFC has one of the best reputations in the airsoft industry for high build quality and materials in their AEGs. Another unique feature that you will find in the H&K MP5 is the mechanical 3 round burst system. Overall, this is an amazing airsoft gun internally and externally. The high quality externals and performance internals are optimized for the airsoft player as well as for those who demand the best for a training rifle.


1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG 
Navy Trigger Group Single Shot, 3-Shot Burst, Full-Automatic Shooting Mode 
Officially licensed replica 

Metal Upper Receiver (Die-Casting) 
Reinforced Polymer Grip 
Nylon Fiber Made Handguard 
H&K MP5 Styled Retractable Stock 
Adjustable rear sight 
Fixed Front Sight 

Metal Gearbox 

Surprisingly, this stock AEG shoot out 390FPS muzzle power nicely out from the package

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  • Model: VF1-LMP5A5-BK03