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G&G GR4 G26 Light and Laser GR16 Handguard

$89.00  $55.00


The G&G GR4 G26 Handguard features a built-in light and red laser. This handguard is a repair for a broken LED or laser pointer on the GR4 G26, and includes all parts needed to equip a new setup. It can also be used to upgrade a GR16 Carbine or Combat Machine to the flip front sight and laser unit.

The laser activates by pulling the module out, rotating to align the red dots, and reinserting the unit. Twisting the laser without disengaging it first can damage the battery contacts. The LED is activated by flipping the light housing 180 degress to the open position, which automatically turns it on.

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  • Model: G-12-016
  • Manufactured by: G&G