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[2200 Points] 15% Discount Voucher


You can work out the difference after the discount and make the payment via Bank Deposit.

*Please provide your membership details with your order!

*Orders which do not contain proof of membership will not be shipped!



You can now redeem your points for discount vouchers!


2200 Points: One 15% discount voucher. This voucher will give you 15% off your total purchase.

This cannot be used for Trade-Me or 2nd hand purchases.


You will still gain points for your puchase, for the dollars you spend. e.g. If you use a 15% discount voucher on a $1000 purchase, you will get $150 off.

Your total purchase will only be $850, and you will still gain 850 points.


*Please refer to FAQ for information on membership, and gaining/redeeming points.

Note: Please use "Internet Banking" as method of payment when redeeming a Discount Voucher on an online purchase.

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