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RMA 79-1 - ICS MX5  

Model: RMA-79-1
Price: $110.00
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MP-118 ICS MX5-P Electric Controller MP-119 ICS MX5-P Fire Controller MP-98 ICS MX5-P Fire Select Slice 30mins Service Charge - $23 - Shipping label provided by Customer.

PPS Adjustable CO2 Charger  

Model: PPS-14008
Manufacturer: PPS
Price: $109.00
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Our take: Running out of CO2 on the battlefield can be not only give the enemy precious seconds to close on your position, it also can take you out of the fight if you don't have a way to refill. With the PPS Adjustable CO2 Gas Charger ... more info

SHS 16:1 Steel High Speed Gear Set  

Model: CL4019
Manufacturer: SHS
Price: $49.00
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  - Suitable for Ver. 2 & 3 AEG GearBox - Chrome molybdenum alloy steel made sector gear - High strength, not easy to deform - CNC machining, enhanced gear to be more durable and bearing stronger spring - New axis design, improve gear ... more info

SHS Steel Spring Guide For Marui Recoil Shock / Next Gen  

Model: WD0032
Manufacturer: SHS
Price: $19.00
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This is a high-strength Spring Guide for Tokyo Marui Next-Gen replicas. The Spring Guide is considered to be a necessary upgrade component by most Airsmiths. It increases consistency, boosts FPS, and increases the life of the Spring. It's the ... more info

SHS Air Nozzle for Marui Recoil Shock / Next Gen  

Model: TZ0097
Manufacturer: SHS
Price: $9.00
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An upgraded Air Nozzle can greatly enhance the performance of an AEG. Most stock air nozzles leak, which causes inefficiency and loss of FPS. This Air Nozzle has an O-ring, which stops leaks and creates a perfect seal with the Cylinder Head. Having ... more info

SHS Aluminium Cylinder Head for Marui Recoil Shock / Next Gen  

Model: GT0081
Manufacturer: S&T
Price: $19.00
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This is a 6061 Aluminum Cylinder Head for Tokyo Marui Next-Gen AEG's. Because the Piston assembly is constantly slamming against the Cylinder Head during a gearbox cycle, the Cylinder Head endures a lot of stress. Plastic Cylinder Heads tend to ... more info

SHS Ball Bearing Piston Head for Marui Recoil Shock / Next Gen  

Model: PT0031
Manufacturer: SHS
Price: $19.00
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SHS Ball Bearings Piston Head for Marui Next Gen Recoil Engine M4 gearbox (New Ver 2)   Polycarbonate Piston Head with Thrust Bearing is renewed to be more effective  Custom 6 holes ventilation design increase the stability during full ... more info

SHS 15 Teeht Piston for Marui Recoil Shock / Next gen  

Model: TT0039
Manufacturer: SHS
Price: $19.00
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Production Description Manufacturer: SHS Guardian Made of reinforcement fibre Last 15 theeth made of carbon steel Compatible with half teeth sector gear Made in Hong Kong

Cytac Tactical Shoulder Harness - For Cytac Holsters Only  

Model: CY-SHH
Manufacturer: Cytac
Price: $59.00
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SHOULDER HARNESS Shoulder Holster - For Cytac Holsters Only Lightweight and comfortable shoulder harness for all day wear Two attachments allow for mounting of both a teeth gear holster and a magazine pouch Comfortable concealment on or off ... more info