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Warranty Policy

3 Months ASGC Full Parts & Labour Warranty for Airsoft Guns

This warranty covers all new Airsoft Guns purchased from ASGC for 3 months, unless specified.

The ASGC Full Parts & Labour Warranty COVERS:

  • - Any internal parts or mechanisms that have worn out.
  • - Any internal faulty parts, components or mechanisms.
  • - Gun not functioning properly. (e.g.: malfunction or jam etc.).
  • - Faulty accessories.
  • - O-ring of Gas Magazines under normal use and maintenance.

The ASGC Full Parts & Labour Warranty DOES NOT COVER:
  • - Any manufacturer characteristics found consistently in that particular series of gun (e.g.: factory hop up units over or under hoping).
  • - Any parts of the airsoft gun that was lost or damaged during its use and was caused by the lack of care and maintenance. (E.g. Loose screws, Thread adapters and etc.)

The ASGC Full Parts & Labour Warranty IS VOID IF:
  • - The airsoft gun was disassembled by anyone other than a member of the ASGC Staff.
  • - There are any Physical damage due to misuse and neglect of the gun or accessories.
  • - The airsoft gun was still being fired when the gun is jammed or has a jam.
  • - The gun or accessories are modified or tampered with in any way.
  • - Cheap poor quality, dirty or used BBs were used in the gun.
  • - The user of the gun fails to follow the operating instructions (including this document) that comes with the gun. (e.g. Using any other gas other than HFC134A in Tokyo Marui products as per instruction or Using WD-40 on O-rings and Seals on the Gun or Magazines)
  • - All return courier and postage cost, insurance cost and other related costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

12 Months Manufacturer Deformity Warranty

All new products sold by ASGC is covered by a 12 months manufacturer warranty. This warranty starts from the date of purchase as shown on the original receipt.

The Manufacturer Deformity Warranty COVERS:

  • - Any defective parts/accessories that have been made or assembled incorrectly by the factory. Parts that are subject to replacement are replaced at the discretion of the factory that produced the parts.

The Manufacturer Deformity Warranty EXCLUDES:

  • - Normal “wear and tear” to mechanical parts whilst using the product is covered by the ASGC Full Parts and Labour warranty.
  • - Any manufacturer characteristics found consistently in a series of that particular type of gun. (e.g: factory hop up units over or under hoping)
  • - Any Modification or tampering with the gun or accessories in any way.
  • - Incorrect use, abuse, neglect of the gun and operating the Airsoft gun in ways that are not recommended by the manufacturer or ASGC Staff.
  • - Any Improper care or maintenance of the gearbox, Hop-up, motor etc.
  • - Improper storage of a product. (e.g.: Moist damp areas).

All warranty claims requires a proof of purchase or the original receipt. All the appropriate warranty forms/cards/receipts are to be included together with their claims.