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[2000 Points] 10% Discount Voucher


***A discount voucher can only be used in One Transaction only. Discount Vouchers redeemed cannot be cancelled, refunded, returned or exchanged so please be sure when redeeming your vouchers. Discounted items will only be accounted for its discounted value and not the original value of the item when refunded or exchanged for another item.


You can work out the difference after the discount and make the payment via Bank Deposit.

*Please provide your membership details with your order!
*Orders which do not contain proof of membership will not be shipped!



You can now redeem your points for discount vouchers!


2000 Points: One 10% discount voucher. This voucher will give you 10% off your total purchase. 

This cannot be used for Trade-Me or 2nd hand purchases.


You will still gain points for your puchase, for the dollars you spend.
If you use a 10% discount voucher on a $1000 purchase, you will get $100 off. Your total purchase will only be $900, and you will still gain 900 points.

*Please refer to FAQ for information on membership, and gaining/redeeming points.

Note: Please use "Internet Banking" as method of payment when redeeming a Discount Voucher on an online purchase.

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