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Tokyo Marui H&K MP5A4 HG Standard Electric AEG Submachine Gun


Tokyo Marui H&K MP5A4 HG Standard Airsoft electric sub machine gun

-Total length: 680 mm
-Weight: 2,100 g (empty magazine, including battery)
-Number of bullets: 50

Named Submachine Gun of German H & K, which became the best seller in the world
The operability of the MP5, which can be used with a little training, can be experienced with an air soft gun. 
It is Miryoku to be able to intuitively perform basic operations such as selectors, triggers, and magazine changes.
If you remove the barrel front collar, you can install a 14mm reverse screw specification muzzle option such as a silencer.
The metal rear site can be adjusted left and right with a screwdriver, and the size of the hole can be switched to 4 levels by rotating the circular part.
You can easily adjust the depth of the hop just by operating the lever on the upper left hand guard.
It comes with a magazine with 50 bullets and a real steel press outer case.

[Set contents] MP5A4 body, magazine (50 bullets), protective cap, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullets (0.2 g / 200 shots), etc.

Named Submachine Gun of German H & K, which became the best seller in the world
H & K MP5A4
The model of the electric gun MP5A4 is a fixed stock version of the N (Navy) model with screw processing to attach the silencer to the barrel, excluding the burst function for US Navy Special Forces SEALs (Shields) . 
It realistically reproduces the appearance and functionality, and mounts an optional mount base to support mounting of optical equipment such as various dot sites. 
One boat with durability and live shooting performance suitable for survival games.

H & K's MP5, born in West Germany at that time in 1965, is a highly accurate sub-machine gun based on the company's G3 launch system. 
The use of pistol bullets that are weak in reaction and easy to control, and compact and easy to manage, is particularly useful for military and police in each country with regard to their usefulness for counter-attack crime and urban-type counter-terrorism in urban areas and buildings. 
Has a high reputation.
Used in special units not only in Germany but also in the United States, France, and Japan, MP5 has developed many variations in response to requests from individual institutions. 
In addition, there are many opportunities to appear in works such as movies and games from the large number of formal adoption adopted, and also a name gun that boasts a high profile in Japan.

-Variable hop-up system
-Fully automatic (repeated) / semi automatic (single) switching type
-Total length: 680 mm
-Gun height: 227mm
-Weight: 2,100 g (empty magazine, including battery)
-Bullet: 6 mm BB
-Number of bullets: 50
-Type: Submachine gun / PDW

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  • Model: TM-MP5A4-AEG
  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Marui