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Umarex (WG) SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver - Sheriff Ver. Silver


*CO2 Catridges not included*

Umarex (WinGun) SAA Peacemaker Revolver Sheriff Ver. features BB-tipped .45 cartridges, complete with the brass shell, and an aluminum tipped head. The Colt SAA itself is made entirely of metal with a beautiful plastic grip. Don't let its size fool you as it's a little heavier than you think. This gun has shoots 6mm BBs and features a Sheriff emblem on the pistol grip.

Though not recommended as a skirmishing gun, the Umarex SAA .45 has a finely tuned trigger response, and cocking the hammer is simply a joy. With every cock of the hammer, you'll hear the multiple clicks as the cylinder rotates in order for the next round to be loaded. It uses CO2 so you'll hear a loud 'THWACK' sound every time you pull the trigger. As a CO2 revolver, it goes through 1 whole capsule after 200 shots. It'll start at 430 fps and will steadily lower the power to 360 after 120 shots and will deplete just before 200.

Reloads are realistic too, with the opening of a side latch, and half cocking the hammer, you can effectively "punch" out the cartridges with the fully functioning extractor rod, or alternatively, tilt the .45 backwards and just let the cartridges slide out! 

When all is said and done, the Umarex SAA .45 is a great deal at. Perfect for those of you who like to "play" Cowboys and Indians! 

Items included:

1 x Umarex (WG) SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver - Sheriff Ver.

6 x Brass Shells

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  • Manufactured by: Umarex