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Dominator DM870 Shell-Ejecting Steel Gas Shotgun - Standard BK


The brand new Dominator DM870 gas shotgun is a whole new system that offers the most realistic operation in full steel construction, and takes most counterpart real steel accessories. Internally it is a proprietary system that has a realistic takedown, a solid remarkable 'cluk-chunk' sound for pump action and offers a decent fps with the 6.05mm precision inner barrel. 

What is truly unique about the Dominator DM870 shotgun is that it accepts most real steel 870 external parts, such as the stock and the pump handle , which one could choose from pistol grips, collapsible stock, folding stocks, flashlight handguard, railed handguard and magazine tube sling plates. 

Internally the gun has a smooth bore 6.05mm inner barrel for increased power, and takes both green gas and co2 shells (two types of shells available separately) to accommodate whichever power source that is more readily available at one's country , delivering a whooping 300 fps per round. Despite not having hop-up, the 300 fps per round out of the box more or less compensates for it. Each shell holds 3 BBs and the magazine tube holds 4 shells and 1 in the breach. 

Operation wise, it is as close to the real one as possible, one could use every technique used on the real one onto the DM870, such as breach load and switching ammo type (through the action lock bar button). Field strip of the gun is exactly like the real one, one first unscrew the crown for the magazine tube, then removing the barrel from the front, then the pump handle assembly and the bolt comes right off. 


  • Shell Capacity: 3 Rounds/Shell
  • Shell Type: 6mm CO2 Shotgun Shells
  • Bore Size: 6.04mm Precision Inner Barrel
  • Box Length: 906mm
  • Box Width: 215mm
  • Box Height: 75mm
  • Package Gross Weight: 3790g
  • Shotgun Length: 990mm
  • Shotgun Weight (No Ammo): 3006g
  • Ammo Weight:4g
  • Inner Barrell Length: 377mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300 FPS per BB
  • Firing Modes: Safe / Fire
  • System: Gas, Pump Action
  • Hopup: No Hopup
  • Materials: Steel, Aluminium, FRP (Fibre-reinforced Polymer)



    1 x DM870 Black
    2 x CO2 Ready Shotgun Shells (3 Rounds/Shell)



  • CNC Machined Full Steel Receiver
  • Individually loaded and gassed shot shells
  • Capable of mixing and matching shell loads per-user preference
  • Incredibly smooth, realistic action and internals
  • Realistic shot patterning; resembles standard defensive loads
  • Realistically ejects and loads shells like an actual pump-action shotgun
  • CNC Machined Full Steel Outer Barrel
  • CNC Machined Full Steel Bolt Carrier
  • CNC Machined Full Steel Trigger Group
  • Shell Ejecting 4 + 1 Rounds
  • Compatible with a wide range of third-party gas and CO2 shotgun shells
  • Blued Steel Finish
  • Cerakote Firearm Coating (*optional)
  • Realistic Field Strip and Body Construction
  • Precision Inner Barrel
  • Rubberized butt pad
  • Front Bead Sight Included

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  • Model: DM-EX8801
  • Manufactured by: Dominator