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SRC Semi-auto 8mm Bearing Gearbox Set - Ak series

$199.00  $120.00

The SRC 8MM Complete Gearbox for AK is the best way to upgrade your gearbox to shoot high a FPS. The purpose of the 8mm ball bearings is to reduce the friction put on the gears fulcrum while spinning. Don't make the mistake of thinking the only way your gears can break is at the teeth. High power springs with mediocre bushings or bearings can break the gears at the stem. A break at the stem is potentially more dangerous to the gearbox than just a few teeth breaking off. The SRC 8mm Complete Gearbox is designed to prevent damage to the gears and to prevent gearbox failure due to high stress. Stop worrying about which parts are compatible with what, or how to shim. SRC has done all the work for your, this is a complete drop in gearbox, it's a quick and easy upgrade without getting your hands dirty.

Manufacturer: SRC (made in Taiwan)
Material: Reinforced Steel
Design: Version 3 AK AEG
Package Includes: Complete Gearbox, extra M120 400 FPS spring

*8mm Bearing
*Plastic Air Nozzle
*Double o-ring metal cylinder head
*Aluminum double o-ring piston head with bearing
*Aluminum spring guide with bearing
*Semi-auto Only

this type of gearbox is also used in SRC Gen 3 AK series.

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  • Model: UP-27
  • Manufactured by: SRC