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APS Titanium Nitride Reinforced C plate for CAM 870 Shotguns

$79.00  $50.00

Reinforced C plate for APS CAM 870 Series Shotguns

Made of Stainless Steel and reinforced with Titanium Nitride Coating!

The same coating found of the barrels and bolts of the renowned weapons manufacturer, Salient Arms!



General Upgrade and Modification

Please note that all upgrade parts or accesories cannot be covered by warranty in the instance of self installation.

Please read the manuals and consult an expert before installing as there may be modifications required to ensure that an upgrade part performs as intended to.

If you are unsure about installing a product, we offer Tech Services on Upgrading and Modifying Airsoft guns and accesories. Labour fee is calculated based on the time required for the service.


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  • Model: CAM046
  • Manufactured by: APS Concept