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Poseidon Tech GBB Flute / Cylinder Valve - Ice Pick Red



  1. Increased Gas efficiency
  2. Upgrade part that replaces the Flute Valve in your Loading Nozzle
  3. Designed for High Performance Marui and WE GBB Pistol
  4. Improves performance and reliability of your GBB pistol
  5. Improves Cold Weather performance





The Poseidon Ice Pick fluted valve is designed to enable TM-based GBBs to operate when temperatures are as low as 8 degrees Celcius.  Most TM-based GBBs – including WE and KJW GBBs – fail to cycle once the magazine temperature drops below 15 degrees C.  Poseidon Airsoft has developed a spring and valve design that overcomes this obstacle and allows your GBB pistol (or rifle!) to still shoot even if you magazine is ice cold. 


 Our tests show that a regular GBB fails to cycle after shooting the same magazine 2-3 times in rapid semi-auto.  With the Ice Pick installed, the same pistol will continue to shoot using the same ice-cold magazine for as many as 5 magazines with little drop in velocity.  The Ice Pick valve also increases the efficiency of a GBB operating in higher ambient temperatures.


 The Ice Pick achieves this efficiency by using a special valve design that prevents icing that occurs when green gas rapidly passes through a GBB loading nozzle.  The severely tapered spring also requires less strength to compress, maintaining a constant resistance during its compression.  Normal GBB flute valve springs get progressively harder to compress.


 The Poseidon Ice Pick is designed to fit inside any Marui based loading nozzle.  Installation is very easy, but if you are not familiar with the disassembly of your GBB pistol or rifle, please have an experienced airsoft GBB technician install it for you.




General Upgrade and Modification

Please note that all upgrade parts or accesories cannot be covered by warranty in the instance of self installation.

Please read the manuals and consult an expert before installing as there may be modifications required to ensure that an upgrade part performs as intended to.

If you are unsure about installing a product, we offer Tech Services on Upgrading and Modifying Airsoft guns and accesories. Labour fee is calculated based on the time required for the service.

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  • Model: PI-001
  • Manufactured by: Poseidon Tech