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Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Sound Banger Grenade




Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade

Distract and terrify the opfor with the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade. A simulation flashbang designed to withstand the rigors of airsoft combat the XL Burst offers operators a dynamic way to breach and clear CQB environments. The XL Burst is loud and proud offering a bang at 125dBa! Made from fully CNC machined aluminum, this impact-activated grenade is built to last, and only requires propane along with dirt cheap burst elements for the next operation. Never hesitate! The XL Burst works every time with a sensitive and reliable impact trigger mechanism that is easy to reset. Transform your combat effectiveness today and dominate in close quarters combat with the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade.

Features and Benefits

Anodized Full Metal Housing – The housing on the XL Burst is made of CNC machined aluminum, covered with an anodized finish. This creates a rugged design that will withstand the abuse of usage without concerns of failure.
Reusable Design – The XL Burst uses green gas and a single use burst element. Burst elements are very inexpensive and available in resupply kits that should be readily available in every store that stocks the grenade.
High Sensitivity Impact Ignition – The impact based trigger in the XL Burst is simple and reliable. Using the grenade is as simple as pulling the pin and throwing it. The Impact system is so sensitive that most impacts will trigger it without issue.
125DBa Burst – Loud and distracting, the XL Burst generates 125 decibels at 5 feet. This is just below the threshold for hearing damage, and therefore it is not recommended to set one off in close proximity to anyone’s ears.
Simplistic Reload – Resetting and priming the grenade is extremely easy, and can be done in a couple of minutes once the user is familiar with the design.
Valve Cover – The grenade uses a rubber band to cover the fill valve during use to prevent damage. This protects the one weak point of the grenade from being damaged when thrown.
Grenade Oil – Included with the grenade is the silicone oil required for maintenance, the user does will not need to buy additional supplies to maintain their new grenade as they come with it.
Alternate Sleeves – Two alternately coloured body sleeves are included with the XL Burst, so the user can change the colour of it to suit their preference and help identify it as theirs after using it.


Gas Operated Design
Reusable Design
CNC Machined Aluminum
Hard Annodized Finish
High Sensitivity Impact Ignition
Simplistic Reload
125dBa at 5ft
Standard Flashbang Scale
30 Burst Elements
Grenade Oil Included (30wt silicone)

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  • Model: AI-DD-XL
  • Manufactured by: Airsoft Innovations

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