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HFC Super Grade 0.12g 6mm BBs x 1000 Shots


Learn more about cheap Airsoft bbs(Such as some BB pellets that made in China) - When you use poor quality BB pellets, you do run the risk of damaging your gun's internal workings. It may not happen often and may not even be noticeable damage at first. However, if you continue using them the damage will accumulate and could cause problems with the effectiveness of your rifle, pistol, or gun. That's not what you want. The best choice is always to spend the extra cash and purchase the highest quality Airsoft pellet you can get your hands on.

HFC Super grade 0.12g BB pellets, are high quality BBs that are made in Taiwan, they are perfect ammo for BB grenades only, but do not use those bbs for BB guns.

*Made in Taiwan

*Perfect for all series air soft gun

*6mm top grade 1000 shots BBs

*5.95mm + - 0.03

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  • Model: H-6091P
  • Manufactured by: HFC

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