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SRC 70g Silicon Oil (Spray) for Airsoft Gun


Just like a car, RC, or even real steel ammo firing guns, Airsoft guns requires lubrication to function normally.

If the gun is dry, excess friction will result causing features to stop working or jamming. Airsoft silicon oil are used in the following (but not limited) ways:
- For AEG: Many experienced players will spray it into their magazine with bb inside once a while, in order to carry out all the dirt building up inside the magazine and barrel. This also ensures the feeding your magazine being superb.
- For gas guns, this is a MUST have, especially for metal guns. Just like real handguns, an Airsoft pistol must be lubricated regularly to work. A lot of green gas already has lubrication, but spraying this in your blowback unit, where the slide and lower frame contacts, magazine will increase performance and durability of your gas gun.
- Silicon oil is also used by technicians to test small gas leakage on o-rings and valves.

Keep in mind your Airsoft gun is just like a car or a real gun. You need to lubricate and it is easy to do. Depending on usage, your gas gun or AEG should be lubricated every two week to a month.

This silicone spray will work on all rubber, plastic and other materials. This item is a must buy for airsoft gas guns or electric guns.

1.Contain thick silicon oil inside, shake well before use.
2. Silicon oil is suitable for all kinds of airsoft gun.
3.Do not put the canister at where over 40C / 110F
4.Do not throw into fire.

Made In Taiwan

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  • Model: G-01
  • Manufactured by: SRC