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SRC Hyper Torque Gear Set & Motor pinion gear

$99.00  $45.00

This items is for Airsoft use only. It Cannot be used in real firearms.

SRC Hyper Torque Gears are perfect for guns upgraded with stronger springs. The Design give you more power to pull back the thickest of airsoft springs M120-M170. Will work in most Ver 2 & Ver 3 Gearboxes.

Mil Specs:

Hyper torque gear set 22.14285:1 ratio
Steel CNC Machined Gears
Steel CNC Machined Motor Pinion Gear
Package includes: Sector Gear, Bevel Gear, Spur Gear, and Motor Pinion Gear

Note: High Torque Gears require a higher degree of expertise to install. Consult with a skilled airsoft gunsmith. Improper installation may result in damage to the gears and other internal components. Use of this gear set will increase wear and tear on your gearbox and will void most AEG warranties once installed. Any and all warranties on this gear set is void once installed.

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  • Model: UP-46
  • Manufactured by: SRC