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G&G Lee Enfiled No.4 MK1 Clip Ejecting Bolt Action Gas Rifle with Real Ash Wood Stock

G&G's LE4 is gas powered, with a massive gas reservoir in the stock, and it feeds from compact magazines designed to mimic the real stripper clips used to load the real No.4 MK1 rifle. When your stripper "clipazine" runs dry it will pop up, preventing the bolt from going forwards and allowing you to grab it and reload quickly and easily. Loading the clipazine into the LE4 is done exactly the same way a real No.4 MK.1 is loaded; with the bolt pulled back, by pushing it downwards through the receiver into the magazine proper, making for a realistic Lee Enfield experience that is hard to beat!


  • Real Ash wood Stock, handguard, forestock!
  • Full metal construction
  • Steel front sight, muzzle, barrel bands, magazine well, butt plate and sling swivels
  • Alloy receiver and bolt - Realistically sized, unlike spring powered Enfields
  • Superb iron sights - Ghost ring "battle" sight and "micrometer" adjustable rear sight
  • Authentic late war Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 details - Flat cocking piece
  • Feeds from 30rnd Stripper clip style magazine!
  • Front and rear sling points - Steel construction, ideal for replica Lee Enfield slings
  • Gas reservoir inside the stock - Massive gas capacity, refilled from the butt plate
  • Two position safety catch - Trigger lock and bolt lock
  • The stripper clip pops up when empty - Convenient reloads, no dry firing!
  • Removable magazine - Fits 1x Stripper clip mag inside
  • Manually unload by pushing the clip downwards or removing the magazine itself
  • Unique adjustable HOP-up unit - Adjustment tool hidden in the stock
  • Engraved No.4 MK1 markings on the left side receiver wall
  • Compatible with G&G LE4 Stripper clip style magazines

Package Includes

  • G&G Lee Enfield Rifle No.4 MK.1  Gas Rifle with Real Wood
  • 30rnd Stripper Clip style magazine
  • Cleaning/unjamming rod
  • LE4 Speed loader
  • User manual
  • Special Instructions


  • Loading the LE4 stripper clip style magazines requires the included LE4 speed loader. To load the stripper clip you will need to insert it into the bottom of the loader and fill the loading tube with BBs. With this done, you can slide the loading tube assembly to the end of its tracks, where it will lock in place with an audible "click", releasing the BBs into the loading track. You can then push the black polymer assembly with the loading tube attached rearwards (this requires some force) to load the BBs into the stripper clip magazine. The loading tube should fit approximately 30 BBs inside, so this should only need to be done once to load a single stripper clip magazine.


  • Length: 1114mm
  • Weight: 3640g
  • Barrel Length: 625mm
  • Shooting Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds-Clip (6mm BBs)
  • Material: Metal, Real Wood
  • Gas system: Green gas
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
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