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CYMA Sports Remington M870 M-Style Pump Action Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun - Polymer Ver.

The CYMA CM356BK is based on the Remington M870 which is one of the most popular shotgun EVER. The M870 earned its reputation for being an extremely robust and reliable shotgun and is widely used by the public for shooting sports, hunting and self-defense, as well as by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide

The externals of this particular version comes with a custom "Megpul" style handguard and stock, as well a breaching muzzle device, to look extremely Tacti-Cool.

The system itself is a copy of the ever famous Tokyo Marui Spring Powered Tri-shot system and has a reliable spring-driven pump mechanism,

This allows the shotgun to shoot 3 BBs at once! being a TM system copy, this also means that the Shotgun Shell is compatible!

The Shotgun Shell holds 30rds and acts as a magazine for the system.


  • Sports Version: Polymer receiver, stock assembly, sliding assembly and power supply mechanism
  • Megpul Style Handguard and Stock
  • Breaching Muzzle Device
  • Pump action design, each pump chambers three rounds
  • Tri-shot design fires three BBs with each trigger pull
  • Ideal for CQB scenarios
  • Compatible with TM M870 Shotgun Shells
  • Comes with one 30rd Shell
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