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CYMA Artic Warfare L96A1 Bolt Action Spring Rifle - Black

The CYMA CM703 replica is a spring powered, bolt-action replica of one of the most famous sniper rifle, the L96A1. You may know the L96 as the AW, AWM or AWP from various popular games! The cradle of the rifle is very solid and made from high quality reinforced polymer.

The stock has a thick rubber stock pad. The cradle features two metal tactical sling swivels and a removable bow for the attachment of a bipod. The replica comes fully assembled, which eliminates the need for independent assembly. Apart from the cradle, all remaining elements were made from steel, these include one-piece internal barrel, RIS rail, trigger guard, bolt-carrier with a charging handle. Despite relatively powerful spring installed in the replica by default, reloading proceeds seamlessly - the mechanism’s parts fit very well together and operates very smoothly.

The replica has a side trigger/bolt safety located on the charging handle. It fulfills a twofold role - in a not reloaded replica it block the possibility of pulling batch the bolt carrier whereas in a reloaded replica it constitutes a trigger safety. Furthermore, the stock has an adjustable rubber cheek pad that can be locked in a desired position with two screws. The magazine was made from metal and can hold up to 25 BBs.


  • Replica length: 1115mm
  • Inner barrel length: 490mm
  • Product weight: 3500g
  • Power supply: Spring powered
  • Receiver and Barrel Material: Metal
  • Chassis Material: Plastic
  • Muzzle velocity: Approx. 305-315 FPS with 0.20g
  • Fire mode: Single-Shot (Bolt-Action)
  • Hop-Up: Yes
  • Magazine capacity: 100rds
  • Type of thread on the barrel: None
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