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Tokyo Marui AK74MN Recoil Shock Engine Full Metal AEG


The Tokyo Marui AK74MN is a modernized AK74, with differences in build material and furniture to make the weapon lighter and more comfortable to use than the AKS74 (S standing for the folding stock version of the AK74). You will immediately notice the main difference from the classic AK74 in the color and material of the foregrip and stock. Where previously there was wood, which was heavy and prone to damage and rot, now there are polymer grips, with lines for extra grippyness. Tokyo Marui has set out to replicate this new, updated version of an age old design and at the same time, design a next-generation AEG with features that are the first of its kind, including a brand new gearbox, blowback system and even a recoil engine.

The cast aluminum receiver is made to look like the stamped steel one found on the AK74M.

Tokyo Marui has really done a thorough job of this new AK with attention to detail on all the differences that separate the AK74 from the AK47. The flash hider is of the correct type being large and chunky with no wobble whatsoever. This is due to a large thread approximately 23mm wide compared to the 14mm thread used on other AK replicas. The 14mm thread is still there however, for those of you who would fancy a silencer or other muzzle device on your AK. The front sight post is thiner and no longer develops wobble after some use. The gas block is thinner and less slanted than that of the 47, a major difference that is often overlooked. The receiver is die cast aluminum adding a fair bit of heft to the gun which now weighs 3.04kg compared to the 2.8kg of earlier series of AKs from Tokyo Marui. You can also expect top quality aluminum from Tokyo Marui, not the pot-metal found on most Chinese metal clones. The receiver cover is made from stamped steel and is correctly ribbed to replicate the AK74M. Finally the stock is made from high-impact ABS and is lightweight yet exceedingly sturdy. It has the shape of a solid, fixed stock yet folds to the left as to not block any of the controls on the right side of the gun.



Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 280-310 FPS
Rounds Per Minute (RPM): 850
Length: 710mm / 945mm
Battery Type: 8.4v Mini (Convertible to take LiPo 7.4V with Deans Connection)
Weight (with Magazine): 3150g

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  • Model: TM-NO.01
  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Marui

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