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Tech Service

Technical Services - Repair, Modifications and Custom Work

Here at ASGC, we offer a comprehensive repair, maintenance, tune up and upgrade service for most airsoft guns in the current market!

Whether it be an Electric gun, Gas Blowback, Spring action or HPA system, we have full time and experienced in-house technicians that are ready to get your Airsoft gun back up and running for the weekends or... give it a complete tune up and mod up to become a new beast in its own!

Drop by the store or give us a call now to find out more!

Ph: (09) 379 3799 | Email:

We offer HPA refill services

Our service is only available from Monday to Friday, when our certified air filler available.
We only offer refilling services for Airsoft and Paintball HPA Tanks.

Regardless of the size of your Airsoft/Paintball HPA Tank, the prices are subject to the maximum PSI of your Tank. We will fill it up completely full!
$10 for a 3000 PSI Tank
$15 for a 4500 PSI Tank

Non-local Repair/Tech Jobs

For non-local jobs that are required to be couriered in, please include a note with your name, contact details and a brief description of the problem. If you have the invoice or order slip, please include that with the package.

The delivery address is:

Attn: Repair/Tech

Company: ASGC

348 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

Ph: 09 379 3799

Delivery Instructions: Please deliver between 10.30am to 7pm.

If you are sending Airsoft Guns, please avoid NZ Post as they will reject anything to do with Airsoft.

Aramex will allow Airsoft Guns instead:

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