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G&G GC16 Warthog 12" w/ ETU & Mosfet - Full Metal


G&G GC16 Warthog 12" w/ Electric Trigger Unit & Mosfet - Full Metal

G&G has stepped up their game from their already renown Combat Machine line into an intermediate level series of Full Metal AEGs.

The G&G GC16 Warthog is equipped with a beautiful full metal Keymod Rail that sits on a full metal receiver. G&G has also decided to design the controls on the gun to be fully ambidextrous! You will be able to find an ambidextrous selector, magazine release and charging handle, as well as QD sling points on both sides of the gun!

The G&G GC16 Warthog also comes with a barrel recessed within the keymod rail and sports a stylish compensator to give it a very unique look!

The most defining feature of the G&G GC16 WARTHOG is the upper and lower receivers; these are made of Full metal and have been enchanced for durability. The upper receiver is cut out to be flush with the rail system, giving the gun a slick look. The receivers are also milled out nicely giving the AEG a more modern, and futuristic look compare to any standard M4 AEGs. The enhanced selector switch is larger than standard selector switch. The magazine release button and the charging handle are ambidextrous for left and right handed users. The motor grip has finger groves and textures that provide more comfort than ordinary motor grips. A sling mount is located on the base of the buffer tube.

The G&G GC16 WARTHOG comes with the new GOS-V3 6 position crane stock which is also a battery compartment; this stock can house a large variety of nunchuck (butterfly) batteries. To access the battery compartment, simply press the button on top of the stock, and twist the butt pad. Toward the back of the stock is a QD sling mount slot, and a small back up battery compartment for flashlight or red dot sight is located right under this QD sling mount slot. The butt pad is thick and rubberized which feels very comfortable when shouldering the AEG.

Internally, the G&G GC16 WARTHOG AEGs utilize the Version 2 gearbox with a few new parts. The V2 gearbox is compatible with a large variety of aftermarket upgrade and repair parts. All G&G GC16 WARTHOG AEGs also comes with a micro switch and a programmable mosfet combo, which enhances the trigger response immensely compare to regular Combat Machines. The Mosfet unit is located inside the buffer tube; this mosfet can be programmed to change from full auto into 3-round burst fire mode.

Changing fire mode can be done on the go by simply switching the fire mode to semi, then hold the trigger for 10 seconds, and the full auto function will change to 3-round burst. To switch it back to full auto, simply repeat the steps above or unplug the battery for a few seconds to reset back to normal.

It is recommended to power this AEG using a 9.6V NiMH battery. It is also possible to use 11.1V Lipo battery for this AEG to achieve a higher rate of fire, faster trigger response and quicker burst on 3-round burst fire mode, although this will result in an increase of wear and tear.

The hop up, inner barrel assembly in the G&G GC16 WARTHOG consists of a aluminum inner barrel, G&G standard plastic hop up unit, and G&G hop bucking. All these parts can be replaced with compatible aftermarket upgrade parts.


The G&G Combat Machine series has been battle tested in the airsoft community and is known for being one of the most reliable entry level AEG on the market, with all the features that the original Combat Machine has combine with the new features and competitive price, the G&G GC16 WARTHOG is surely going to be one of the nicest intermediate level AEG on the market.


Material Stainless/Aluminum/Steel/Zinc/Plastic/Nylon/Fiber
Motor 25000rpm Hi-torque Long axis
Gear box bearing 8mm ball bearing
Inner Barrel Length 330 mm
Magazine 300 Rounds
Overall Length 870 mm
Weight 2764 g

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  • Model: EGC-WAR-012-BNB
  • Manufactured by: G&G