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SRC HFC 134a - Green Forane 134a 800ml


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HFC134a is safe for use in all airsoft gas powered guns with pressure level low enough for increased durability of the gun. Silicone based gas keeps things lubricated. One canister powers approximately 4000 rounds.

* Suitable For Japanese Pistol
* Purity >= 99.95%
* F134 Isomer <= 0.1%
* Moisture <= 10 ppm
* Chloride Ion test - Negative
* High boiling residue <= 0.01%
* Total Acid <= 1 ppm
* Air in vapor phase in filled container <= 1.5%
* Net: 800 ml

* Pressurized Gas.
* Must wear eye protection all the time while using.
* In case of exposure to eyes, rinse with water. If the irritation persisted, seekfor medical treatment.
* If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.
* Do not expose or store under direct sunlight. Or temperature above 65 F.

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*Made in Taiwan

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