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AW HX2002 Hi-Capa Metal GBB Pistol - Black Gold [Hybrid Barrel]


AW HX2002 Hi-Capa Metal GBB Pistol - Black Gold [Hybrid Barrel]


Speedsofting not your thing? Roll with a bit more class with one of these Hybrid Barrel Hi-Capas from Armorer works! Featuring a custom Hybrid Barrel design, this pistol is designed with the Front Sight on the barrel! This sight-on-barrel design is complimented with a fixed Barrel to allow the user to have a consistent aim with each follow up shot. These stock pistols are one of the nicest pistols we have ever had the chance to shoot straight out of the box.

AW Customs attention to detail is amazing for a pistol at this sort of price range. The slide and midframe are made of Aluminium and are lightweight and durable. The controls are all made of metal and the grip features a really nice textured polymer. Out of the box, they have included fiber optic sights and a magwell on the gun but they don't stop there. Just incase you have always wanted a red dot sight on your pistol, they have included a red dot mount that replaces your rear sight. If you decide to remove your magwell, they have also included a shorter pin so the longer one don't poke out like a sore thumb.


Features :

  • Full Metal Slide and Barrel Assembly
  • High Strength Polymer Frame
  • Integrated Accessory Rail
  • Serrated Slide
  • Aggressive Rocket Recoil Spring Guide
  • Functional On-Frame and Beaver Tail Safety


Box Length : 290mm

Box Weight : 185mm

Box Height : 56mm

Package Gross Weight : 1270g

Pistol Length : 223mm

Pistol Height : 159mm

Pistol Weight (No Mag) : 715g

Magazine Weight : 335g

Inner Barrell Length : 110mm

Package Include : 

1 X Pistol

1 X 5.1 HX Magazine

! X Sight Mount

2 X Sight Mount Screw

1 X Magwell Pin

Add to Cart:

  • Model: AW-HX2002
  • Manufactured by: Armorer Works