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Brand: Madbull Model: XG02
Compatible with most Propane and MAPP Gas Canisters.- Durable Full Metal Design- Tested compatible canisters: Coleman, GasMate, Bernzomatic, Peri-Gas..
Ex Tax:$49.00
Brand: Unicorn Airsoft Model: UC-GREASE-B
*NOT DESIGNED FOR RUBBER PARTS.Unicorn Airsoft MOS2 GreaseSpecial grease for Gearbox bearings and gearsDesigned for all movable metal partsEffectively decreases friction and wear & tears of partsWater resistantDesign For Use on Airsoft AEG/ GBB Rifle Airsoft Guns..
Ex Tax:$19.00
Brand: Unicorn Airsoft Model: UC-GREASE-W
Unicorn Airsoft High Grade Piston GreaseLubrication Fits For Gears, Bearings, Slide & O-RingsMade to work with Extreme Temperature -50°C~+140°CDesign For Use on Airsoft AEG/ GBB Rifle Airsoft Guns..
Ex Tax:$19.00
Brand: SRC Model: G-01
Just like a car, RC, or even real steel ammo firing guns, Airsoft guns requires lubrication to function normally.If the gun is dry, excess friction will result causing features to stop working or jamming. Airsoft silicon oil are used in the following (but not limited) ways:- For AEG: Many experience..
Ex Tax:$9.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-OTH-001
GHK 1000cs Silicone Oil 30ml  - Best for GBBs [GHK-OTH-001] A highly effective lubricant for all the seals, cylinder internals and rubber parts.At 1000cs, the GHK sillicone oil is thick and perfect for all your gas blow back pistols, rifles and Magazines.GHK silicone oil is mild, helps red..
Ex Tax:$19.00
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