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Brand: GHK Model: GHK-AKM-V3
GHK AKs were widely known as one of the best AKs in the Airsoft Market due to their realistic external construction and excellent gas performance.With the V3, the GHK AK just got better with a complete overhaul.True to SpecThe new V3 system now features a completely new receiver that is true to spec..
Ex Tax:$1,429.00
Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: TM-AKM-GBB
*All Tokyo Marui gas guns may only use HFC134A (Duster Gas) as the intended gas. Using any other gas will void all warranty.The Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR is the first Gas Blowback AK that Tokyo Marui has developed and features their ever famous ZET system, found in the M4 MWS Series.The ZET system is dev..
Ex Tax:$1,379.00
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