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Brand: YZH Model: BD6337E
It is designed to hold 6 M4 mags in a bandoleer style, positioned on the off side, under the arm. It is designed with a waist strap to secure it to your body. Has quick disconnect buckles to easily remove it when the magazines are spent or to pass a quick reload to a team mate. Note: mags are not in..
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Brand: Amomax Model: AM-SC-U
Fit: 4 Rounds 12GA Shotshells, Length 60mm to 76mmThe Amomax universal shotshell holder provides innovative agility in only two screws. Available in adjustable range from 60-76mm, it can fit perfectly 12GA shotshells in 2.75” and 3”.To adjust, simply loosen the screws on the side and then make the s..
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Brand: Amomax Model: AM-BSB
Capacity:  Maximum 3000 RoundsThe double cap design provides a better control when refill BBs, without waste. It holds about 3,000 BBs.Consisted of velcro and snap button, the loop can be firmly attached on belt or Molle system...
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