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Chest Rigs

Brand: Emerson Gear Model: EM7442CB
*Magazines, radio, accessories, and other items inside the pouches shown in these photos are not included and are meant for reference only.*Package comes with One Chest Rig Panel with Shoulder StrapsFeatures- HSP D3CR Style Chest Rig with H Shoulder Harness Straps- Constructed of High quality Cordur..
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Brand: Amomax Model: AM-CRP01
Amomax Chest Rig MOLLE Panel - Black- Compatible with the Amomax Low Profile Chest Rig.- Allows the use of MOLLE with the Amomax Low Profile Chest Rig...
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Brand: Amomax Model: AM-CR001
One Size Fits MostDesigned with Velcro, panels and harness straps allow customization of any size so as to meet the wearing needs of different groups of people.9 Elastic PouchesThe pouches made with superior elastic provides more space for equipment like a walkie talkie, a magazine, and so on. 9 pou..
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