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L85 / L86

Brand: G&G Armament Model: TGL-L85-A2E-BBB
This is the eagerly anticipated ETU model, of the British Army's standard assault rifle, with G&G proprietary Electronic Trigger Unit.•Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 320-340 approx with 0.20g BB's•Length: 780mm•Weight (with Magazine): 3950g•Inner Barrel Length: 510mm•Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.04..
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Brand: Ares Model: AR-058E
The L85A3 BullpupThe L85 belongs to the SA80 family of British rifles and has been the mainstay of the British armed forces for decades.  Throughout its storied history, the rifle has seen many different upgrades and has been used in diverse theaters of warfare which the Brits have participated..
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