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Brand: WE-Tech Model: WE-E012-SV
The TT-33 (Tula arsenal Tokarev model of 1933) was the Soviet military's service pistol during the second world war. It is essentially a slightly redesigned, less polished and somewhat simplified incarnation of John Browning's legendary 1911, chambered for the Soviet designed version of the compact...
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Brand: ICS Model: BLE-002-SB
The ICS PM2 pistol is a non-blowback pistol that is compact and highly gas efficient. This pistol is highly reminiscent of the legendary Makarov pistol and comes with a suppressor and thread adapter.The pistol being non-blowback features a double action hammer only that has a fairly smooth pull that..
Ex Tax:$349.00
Brand: Kizuna Works Model: KW-P0001
Features- Steel Hammer, Sear & Valve Knocker- Ergonomics design grip- Reversible Magazine release- Insert Molding Lower Receiver- The frame features a picatinny rail underneath the barrel for the attachment of accessories.- Can be equipped with an extended, threaded barrel for installing a silen..
Ex Tax:$489.00
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