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Grenade & 40mm Shells

Brand: T238 Model: T238-YL-GY-G
T238 Timer Delayed Grenade Gen II [BB / Gel Ball] with Large CapacityFeatures:High-quality material: The shell is made of ABS and PC mixed material, and the thickness is increased, making the product not easy to be damaged in wargame.High-elastic hardening spring: it could enable the loaded filler t..
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Brand: T238 Model: T238-FLASH-BK
Warning: Flashing Lights which is not suitable for the epileptic.T238 Electric Flashbang Grenade Distraction Device with Light and Sound - BlackFeaturesGreat for Airsoft, gel ball, and all other recreational war gaming!Rechargeable, reusable, and environmentally friendlyMultiple strobe, brightness, ..
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Brand: King Arms Model: KA-TOOL-01
DESCRIPTION:40mm Cartridge Reload Tool is a tool to help using King Arms BB cartridge in more efficiency way.Two pieces of tool will be included. The loading tool helps locking the BB cartridge valve in proper position. The same tool is used to push BBs in to the BB cartridge cavity.The reloading ri..
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Model: DF-SW003
DeepFire MK-II Grenade Shell (Green)..
$5.00 $9.00
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Brand: PPS Model: PPS-12007
PPS New Gen 96rd M203 Grenade Shell (BB Shower)-- Full Metal Alloy Construction-- For G&P, Sun Project, Mosquito Mold, CAW, STAR Grenade Launcher-- 96 Rounds Loading Capacity-- Red Color..
Ex Tax:$59.00
Brand: PPS Model: PPS-12008
PPS New Gen 108rd M203 Grenade Shell (BB Shower)-- Full Metal Alloy Construction-- For G&P, Sun Project, Mosquito Mold, CAW, STAR Grenade Launcher-- 108 Rounds Loading Capacity-- Red Color..
Ex Tax:$59.00
Brand: Madbull Model: M922A1
Features:Capacity: 120 rounds of 6mm BB'sPropellant: Green Gas / PropaneLength: 10.7 cm (May Stick Out the End of Shorter Launchers)Weight: 243gFits Most 40mm M203 Grenade LaunchersGreat Range and Wide Spread PatternAppearance Based on the Real M922A1 GrenadeVery Durable Metal ConstructionMetal Inte..
Ex Tax:$169.00
Brand: G&G Armament Model: G-08-214
GM406 Grenade 70RRound Capacity: 70 RoundsGreen Gas PoweredFits Most Standard 40mm Airsoft Grenade LaunchersCNC Machined Aluminum..
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Brand: Airsoft Innovations Model: AI-CY-IG-RS
SPARE PARTS FOR YOUR CYCLONE.Spare pins, spoons and limited edition grenade skins for your cyclone impact grenade.• 3x Cyclone Pins• 3x Cyclone Spoons• 3x Waterproof Skins (FDE, Zombie Green & Yellow)..
$20.00 $29.00
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Brand: Airsoft Innovations Model: AI-CY-IG-RK
GET YOUR CYCLONE BACK IN ACTION.Is your Cyclone grenade leaking gas? We've got your back. This kit contains everything you need to get your grenade back in working order.• 1x Cyclone Shuttle with fill valve and seals• 2x Fuse head seals• 1x Instruction Manual..
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Brand: VegaForce Company Model: VF9-MAG-M3-BK03
VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS "Titan" 65mm Launch Shell x 10 PcsOnly compatible with the M3 MAAWs 65mm Module only...
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