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Hand Grenades

Brand: T238 Model: T238-YL-GY-G
T238 Timer Delayed Grenade Gen II [BB / Gel Ball] with Large CapacityFeatures:High-quality material: The shell is made of ABS and PC mixed material, and the thickness is increased, making the product not easy to be damaged in wargame.High-elastic hardening spring: it could enable the loaded filler t..
Ex Tax:$89.00
Brand: T238 Model: T238-FLASH-BK
Warning: Flashing Lights which is not suitable for the epileptic.T238 Electric Flashbang Grenade Distraction Device with Light and Sound - BlackFeaturesGreat for Airsoft, gel ball, and all other recreational war gaming!Rechargeable, reusable, and environmentally friendlyMultiple strobe, brightness, ..
Ex Tax:$129.00
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