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Advance Trigger Systems & Mosfets

Brand: GATE Model: TBT2-AR
Brand new TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB is GATE flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU).  Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives you direct access to TITAN settings, AEG telemetry and ability to use smartwatch, STATUS and other future devices of GATE Ecosystem. Innovative gear sensor not only c..
Ex Tax:$279.00
Brand: GATE Model: pAAB
PicoAAB is the smallest, 3rd generation mosfet with Active Brake. It can work with 14.8V Li-Poly batteries. The system can be installed in every AEG. It can work with the strongest AEG replicas.The installation is very easy and the interference in the replica is limited only to running one or two ad..
Ex Tax:$99.00
Brand: GATE Model: nASR
NanoASR is the latest standard 3rd generation MOSFET. The application of the most up-to-date transistors and microprocessor enabled us to create the smallest and most reliable MOSFET in the market.Thanks to its special coating, it is resistant to atmospheric conditions. Key functionsMOSFET..
Ex Tax:$69.00
Brand: GATE Model: AST3S-BM
ASTER V3 SE raises the price-performance ratio including new functions programmable via trigger. Now, out-of-the-box, you can set sensitivity from ‘hair’ to full movement. Improved programming via trigger gives you new settings like automatical pre-cocking (LOW, MID, HIGH), trigger sensitivity adjus..
Ex Tax:$229.00
Brand: G&G Armament Model: G15017
G&G RK Series Replacement Electric Switch Unit..
Ex Tax:$29.00
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