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Sorbo Pads

Model: v2/v3 Neopad
These NeoPads are glued on top of Sorbo pads to protect them from the piston head impact damaging the soft sorbo. These are made from super tough neoprene rubber and laser cut like the sorbo pads...
Ex Tax:$9.00
Model: V2/V3 3/16 70
Details:These Neoprene buffer pads are concentric. This Neoprene buffer has a thickness of 3/16". This is useful for users who need a better AoE in case the standard 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" pads aren't thick enough.Neoprene buffers are typically adhered on top of Sorbothane buffers for additiona..
Ex Tax:$19.00
Model: V2/V3 1/8 70
Details:This is a Laser cut Sorbothane pad from Scatterplot.Unlike the punch-cut Sorbothane buffers, these buffers are precisely laser cut which ensures maximum concentricity and performance.During it's inception, the Sorbothane buffer was once considered to be an advanced gearbox modification. Now,..
Ex Tax:$19.00
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