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Submachine (SMG) AEP

Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: TM-MP7-AEG-NEW
A brand new class of the small arms, the MP-7 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) is intended to be a defensive sidewarms for second-line troops, vehicles crews and other military personnel. The MP-7 was first announced in 2000, entered production in 2001 and has been adopted by some German special units ..
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Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: No.02
Tokyo Marui Vz61 SCORPION AEG New Gen. Metal LowerNOTE: YOU WILL NEED AN EX 7.2V BATTERY & EX CHARGER FOR THIS GUN! (Not Included)- The Charger is also of a japanese 110v, you will need a voltage converter or a ImaxB6 Advance charger to use it. "Supported by tons of aftermarket upgrade part..
Ex Tax:$589.00
Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: TM-SCORPION-D
Based on the famous Czech gun, that was used by Soviet Tankers and still in service in many countries, is now available in an electric-powered replica form from Tokyo Marui. It features the AEP innards, as found in the much-loved Marui MP7, and is also powered by a 7.2.v Micro EX battery. You may re..
Ex Tax:$679.00
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