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Brand: Silverback Model: SBA-SPR-3120
*Charts with FPS and Joule with various spring ratings are based on an average and are for reference only. FPS and Joules are also heavily affected by other factors such as barrel length, air seal and etc.- APS2 Large Type Spring compatible with Silverback SRS (Pull Bolt Version), TAC-41, APS-2, APS..
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Brand: Silverback Model: SBA-OBL-23
SRS 26 Inches Full Fluted BarrelCNC Aeronautical grade aluminium, deep fluting, all along the barrelOuter barrel inner diameter of 8.56 mm, no barrel spacers needed.For inner barrels length up to 680 mm.14 mm CCW barrel thread.390 GramsDesert Tech licensed product.Ref: SBA-OBL-23..
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Brand: Silverback Model: SBA-FHD-06
SRS .30 muzzle brake, Model A2 (DTSS silencer compatible)CNC machining .300 muzzle brake for 14 mm CCW thread.This muzzle brake features a M24x1 thread to attach a DTSS (when in use with a DTSS, proper timing of the muzzle brake is compulsory).Thread protector and M3x4 *e screw are included.Desert T..
Ex Tax:$69.00
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