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Tokyo Marui Rifles

Brand: LayLax Model: LL-S12K-STBASE
*Stock NOT included - This is only a 1913 Stock Adapter.This is a stock base with Picatinny rail designed for Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Shotgun SAIGA-12K. By attaching this product, you can transform it into a compact and easy-to-handle pistol-style configuration without a stock. When combined with o..
Ex Tax:$139.00
Brand: Unicorn Airsoft Model: UC-MWS-FN-P
FeaturesReinforced material provides enhanced reliabilityDesigned for long lasting reliability and strengthCompatibility with Tokyo Marui M4/MTR-16 MWS Gas Blowback Airsoft RiflesComes with Nozzle, Nozzle Head and Nozzle Valve..
Ex Tax:$69.00
Ra Tech CNC Steel M4 Receiver Magic Pin for M4 GBB
-49 %
Brand: RA-Tech Model: RAG-WE-003
Specifically made for WE M4, M16, 416, 888, T91 AR GBB SeriesCompatible with G&P, WE, KJ Works, Inokatsu and Prime M4/AR Gas Blowback Series receivers(5.98mm)..
$25.00 $49.00
Ex Tax:$25.00
Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: TM-M870-13
Ex Tax:$19.00
Brand: Poseidon Model: PI-001
Features:Increased Gas efficiencyUpgrade part that replaces the Flute Valve in your Loading NozzleDesigned for High Performance Marui and WE GBB PistolImproves performance and reliability of your GBB pistolImproves Cold Weather performance For:  WE(Pistol/Rifle)Marui(Pistol)KJ(Pistol)..
Ex Tax:$39.00
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