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WE Rifle Parts

Brand: RA-Tech Model: RAG-MARUI-010
The NPAS System allows the user to adjust the muzzle velocity of their Gas Blowback within a certain range by controlling the air flow directed through the nozzle.for Marui GBB systems or WE open bolt systems (Not compatible with Marui MWS Systems)Installation is required.Minor modifications or fitm..
Brand: RA-Tech Model: RAG-WE-253
RA Tech HPA Valve Tap Adapter for WE and KJW Gas Mags Specifications:- Stainless steel construction- Designed to allow for HPA use in gas blowback pistols and rifles- Drop in replacement to the standard fill valve..
Brand: WE-Tech Model: WE-M4-69
WE M4 GBB Replacement Part # 69 - Retainer Pin for Back Receiver Pin ..
Brand: WE-Tech Model: WE-M4-33-OB
WE M4 (OB) GBB Replacement Part # 33 - Bolt Carrier- Bolt Carrier Only. Does not include other parts...
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