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Brand: GHK Model: PO-TTI-MOS
*Does not come with Optic, Light or other accessories. Photos for reference only.Estimated ETA Date - 29th February 2024The new version is MOS, Optic Ready version.- Using the original UMAREX/GHK GLOCK17 GEN3 GBB as the base with the EMG/TTI official factory authorized kit, and then customized ..
Ex Tax:$1,489.00
Brand: GHK Model: PO-AKM-V3
Estimated ETA Date - 29th February 2024Specification : - Length : 900mm- Inner barrel : 410mm- Weight : 3320g(with mag)- Bullet : 6mm- Capacity : 30 rounds- Muzzle Speed : 125m/s- Power source : 12kg gas &CO2Feature :- Full-travel bolt, cyclic firing rate up to 650rpm (h..
Ex Tax:$1,489.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-M4-145-COLT
GHK M4A1 RIS 14.5 inch GBB Rifle - Version 2 - Colt LicensedRealistic, Stable & Powerful Recoil System by GHKLicensed by Cybergun Version 2 Updates:- V2 Steel Bolt Carrier CNC Machined (Process with heat treatment. Harder material and smooth performance) with Reinforced Bolt Stop Piece..
Ex Tax:$1,499.00
Brand: GHK Model: TTI-MAG-BASE
The TTI Mag Base is machined from CNC aluminum for a highly durable construction, perfect for your GHK Glock 17.It ensures a secure and reliable fit every time, giving you the edge in fast-paced gaming scenarios...
Ex Tax:$89.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-553-MAG
Original High Quality Gas magazine for the GHK SIG 551, 552, 553 Series Gas Blowback Rifles- Compatible with the  GHK SIG 551, 552, 553 Series Gas Blowback Rifles- Green Gas Ready- 32 Round Capacity- High quality polymer construction..
Ex Tax:$149.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-M4-MG-L
GHK M4 Steel GBB Magazine - Version 2 Lightweight Modelfor GHK M4 and G5 Series OnlyConstruction: Steel Housing with nitriding manganese phosphate treatment surface.Item Weight: 432 gramsNew version lightweight magazine: 35% weight reduction compared to the old magazine.(ver1 magazine weight: 661g /..
Ex Tax:$189.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-74U-M
GHK AK-74 / AKS-74U GBB 50rd Magazine - BlackItem Weight (gram): 600Major Color: BlackLoading Capacity: 50 RoundsMagazine Type: StandardBullet Type: 6mm BBExternal Material: ABS PlasticGas Type: Green Gas/Red GasManufacturer GHKMagazine suitable for GHK AK74 / AKS-74U Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back Ri..
Ex Tax:$169.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-OTH-001
GHK 1000cs Silicone Oil 30ml  - Best for GBBs [GHK-OTH-001] A highly effective lubricant for all the seals, cylinder internals and rubber parts.At 1000cs, the GHK sillicone oil is thick and perfect for all your gas blow back pistols, rifles and Magazines.GHK silicone oil is mild, helps red..
Ex Tax:$19.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-G17-MAG
*Only compatible with the GHK Glock 17 GBB pistol*- Green Gas only magazine- 20 round Capacity..
Ex Tax:$159.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-G17-MAG-CO2
*Only compatible with the GHK Glock 17 GBB pistol*- 12g CO2 Canister only magazine- 20 round Capacity..
Ex Tax:$169.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-553-NO
New 2022 Version - Non-3 Round Burst OptionThe SG 553 also known as Stgw 04 and used in the Swiss Forces. Its specially made for special units, paratroops and the AAD 10 (CH). The SG 553 is an improved version of the SG 552 and was released in 2008. GHK have faithfully repli..
Ex Tax:$1,429.00
Brand: GHK Model: GHK-MK12
GHK MK12 GBB Forging Version (Colt licensed)CNC Forging 6061 receiverHard anodizing receiverModified screw gauge of upper receiver (compatible with real)Strengthening recoil spring and hammer spring with standard equipment to improve shooting experienceNew fast adjustable hop set and toolHigh qualit..
Ex Tax:$2,079.00
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