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The Dagger of Men with Green Faces

The CAR-15 (Colt Automatic Rifle-15 Military Weapons System) was developed by Colt in the 1960s based on the design of the AR-15, its XM177 series was active during the Vietnam War. Before the XM177 series was used in the U.S. Army, it was called the CAR-15 Commando. It was a "submachine gun" launched in response to the request of the US military in 1966. The CAR-15 Commando is similar to the Colt M607 submachine gun and the shortened version of the M16 rifle with notable differences: It is designed with an aluminum alloy two position retractable buttstock, the old handguard was replaced with a shortened round handguard, and it is equipped with a 4.25-inch muzzle device. However, the size of the upper and lower handguards are exactly the same.

The U.S. Army launched the CAR-15 Commando in 1966 and named it the "Submachine Gun, 5.56 mm, XM177E1". After feedback and suggestions from users, Colt improved the XM177E1. In 1967 the U.S. Army purchased it for the Its Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) in the new CAR-15 assault type variant and named it XM177E2.
Although the new flash hider could effectively reduce the muzzle flash, there were other serious problems. Due to the short muzzle and barrel length of the XM177E2, the gunpowder that has not been fully burned when firing will quickly block the flash hider. The flash hider, if it is not cleaned, will significantly lose its sound reduction benefits. In addition, the flash hider would also cause problems with the shooting accuracy of ordinary bullets, which was even more serious when using tracer bullets.

After the improvement failed due to these issues, the U.S. Army canceled many XM177E2 orders in 1969. Because the gun could not be officially deployed in the U.S. military, the prefix "X" representing "eXperimental" in front of the XM177 series has never been removed.
The XM177E2 was not favored by regular troops in the Vietnam War, and some veterans of MACV-SOG have different evaluations in their memories. Many think in retrospect that the XM177 series is the favorite of "SOG".

And although the ballistic condition of the 11.5-inch barrel is relatively low, both its effect used on close combat in the jungle, and the unstable trajectory that makes the bullet enter the enemy's body off balance and cause considerable damage made it an effective tool for those special operations.
Another special forces unit that also liked to use the XM177 series in the jungles of Vietnam was the US Navy SEALs. After the Vietnam War, the SEALs and Army Special Forces continued to use the XM177 series until the production of Curt 635 as they were beginning to phase out this “legend” of Vietnam War.

Details Of The Vietnam War Version XM177E2:
The styling is taken from the Colt XM177E2 in the Vietnam War. It includes the unique XM177 flash hider, the 11.5-inch outer barrel, M16A1 style front sight, special CAR-15 skinny round carbine handguard, A1 type lower receiver, carrying handle upper receiver, early-type dummy forward assist knob, early-type aluminum alloy 2 position retractable buttstock, etc... plus the lower receiver with a fully authorized Colt marking and US DOD Stamp; all the appearance details of the Colt XM177E2 are integrated in one place.

Cybergun Full License Authorized Production
VFC Colt XM177E2 GBBR is built under license by Cybergun, with fully authorized markings, lending to a faithful reproduction of the XM177E2 in Vietnam War… including all details and engravings.

Improved V3 Lower Receiver Internal Structure
The GBBR is not only upgraded with the newly designed "Non-cut lever" Steel Hammer Set, but also the structure of the lower receiver has been improved: The fitting depth has been increased, and the structure of the firing pin base parts are greatly simplified, making the valve striking action more stable. Due to this, the durability of the parts are effectively improved, and the maintenance of this replica is easier for the end user. (Note: This new lower receiver can be directly assembled with previous VFC M4 GBBR upper receiver.)

Improved Internal Structure Improve Performance In One Piece
The VFC XM177E2 GBBR this time has not only has the authorization from Colt, but also gained the full upgraded internals of the VFC AR GBB system: including the new improved Lower Receiver Internal structure, the improvement of the firing pin design and newly designed "Non-cut lever" steel hammer set, a new setting buffer spring, and newly designed gas magazine. All of these improvements lend to an overall performance and durability increase in the XM177E2!
  • Colt authorized engraving with latest V3 system and new version of valve firing system
  • Realistic 1:1 Scale Ratio
  • Zinc stock, zinc trigger, zinc magazine
  • M16A1 Delta Constellation (no bayonet mount)
  • Downward-adjusting Hop adjustment mechanism
  • Reproduction of the aluminium two-piece telescopic stock
  • M16A1 grip, steel silenced fire cap reproduced in all details
  • Short grey magazine x 1 (20 rounds)

  • Build Material : Full Metal
  • Magazine Capacity : 30 Rounds ( 6mm BB Bullets )
  • Over All Length : 685 / 770 mm
  • Inner Barrel Length : 275 mm
  • Weight : 2270 g
  • System : Gas Blowback
  • Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. N/A
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