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Redeem 1500 pts - 5% Voucher

Redeem 1500 pts - 5% Voucher
Redeem 1500 pts - 5% Voucher
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  • Model: Redeem 1500 for 5%

ONLY VALID FOR ARENA149 LOYALTY MEMBERS - You will need enough Loyalty Points to redeem this!


Our team will work out the difference and provide a quote so that you may transfer the total order amount via Bank Deposit or Online Banking.

*Please provide your Arena149 membership details with your order!

Use 1500 Loyalty Points  to redeem a 5% discount voucher.

This voucher will give you 5% discount off your total order.

Terms and Conditions:

  • A discount voucher can only be used once in one transaction only.
  • Discount Vouchers redeemed cannot be cancelled, refunded, returned or exchanged so please be absolutely sure when redeeming a voucher with your points.
  • Discounted items will only be accounted for its discounted value and not the original value of the item when refunded or exchanged for another item.
  • Discount Vouchers do not apply to discounted, on-sale, second hand, price-matched and lowest price guaranteed items.
  • Loyalty Points are still gained when using a discount voucher on an order. Eg. If you use a 10% discount voucher on a $1000 order. Your final total amount will be $900 so you will still gain 900 loyalty points.

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