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Unicorn Airsoft Precision Hop Up Rubber Bucking - 80 Degrees [Competition Grade]

UNICORN GBB 70 degree Hop Up Bucking (Competition Grade)

1. Using uniquely formulated NBR material same as our Unicorn Hop-Up Bucking.

2. Unicorn Airsoft Hop-Up Bucking compatible with MARUI/ KJ/ VFC/ WE.

3. Uniquely formulated NBR material which increase durability and friction between hop-up bucking and airsoft pellets.

4. Arrow shape contact point is designed to decrease the chance of mispositioning of airsoft pellets and ensure the correct contact point position with airsoft pellets.

5. which increase contact time between airsoft pellets and arrow shape bucking to achieve best spinning effect. This also fit for Marui VSR system.

6. Less friction compare with precision grade hop-up bucking, more suitable with Pistol and competition shooters use.

7. The Competition Grade range is available in 70/ 80 degree hop-up bucking for different personal preferences.

8. (Recommended using 0.25g or above airsoft pellets for better results.)

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