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Maple Leaf MR 2023 GBB / VSR10 Spec Hop Rubber Bucking with Double Air Seal - 75° Degrees

MR 2023 Hop

  • Addition of a slimmed down black air-seal ring for better efficiency.
  • The "Shield" shape groove design has better hop effect when tensioner/lever press it.
  • Larger & wider contact area inside of BB pellet, has better hop effect with heavy BB.

75 Degrees hardness for higher FPS builds.

(Softer bucking equates to more hop but less durability, harder bucking equates to less hop but stronger durability)

  • Gas Blowback and VSR-10 Spec Hop Rubber Bucking without modifications.
  • Compatible with most Marui, WE and KJW Gas Blowback Systems
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