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E&L AK74MN Full Steel AEG Rifle with Folding Stock - Essentials Ver.

If you have never heard of E&L, it is a good time to pull up Youtube to read some reviews on their insanely well built AKs! These Full Steel AKs are one of the most realistic AKs you can get in the Airsoft Market! Their receivers, outer barrels, gas tube, sights, dust covers, dummy bolt cover, stocks (if applicable) are all made of STEEL and are incredibly solid and weighty! Furniture come in either Fiber reinforced polymer, beautifully crafted Wood Handguards and Stock, or Solid Aluminium Rails and Stock! "WOW" will the first word for most people that pick up one of these bad boys.

The best thing so far? Their PRICE! The essentials range is probably the most value for money you can find in an airsoft gun! What are you waiting for?!





  • Built Material: Steel/Fiber reinforced polymer
  • Full length:713/950mm
  • Weight: 3500g
  • Gearbox: Version 3 (QD Spring Change)
  • Magazine Capacity: 120Rds
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