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[Pre-order] Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS Full-Auto Gas Blowback Shotgun

Estimated ETA Date - 30 JUNE 2024

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A short shotgun made shorter, try saying that quickly.

After launching the Saiga-12K gas airsoft shotgun which the "K" stands for "Korotkaya" which is "Short" in Russian, it was only natural for Tokyo Marui make an even shorter one. This one, the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS basically functions the same as the previous "longer" one just that this has the option to go full auto as Mikhail Kalashnikov intended. You get 3 rounds per trigger pull in both semi and auto modes and it delivers tight and accurate groupings, being able to send all 3 BBs in a 1-inch group at 10 meters while giving the user a sharp recoil impulse even when using weaker HFC134a gas.

Internally, other than the inner barrel length the Tokyo Marui Saiga 12K and the SBS are about the same, externals are what makes the SBS standout. The original Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 K has quite a bonestock external, kinda like every other non modernized AK, meanwhile the SBS is a whole other animal, although the styling is outdated, but this gun was designed to be a canvas for users to modify. The stock was swapped for a foldable skeleton buffer tube that is hugged by a traditional AR-15 type retractable crane stock, the pistol grip is also a A2 style grip, all this means that you could always swap these out for your favorite AR stock and grip for better ergonomics and controls. The handguard on the SBS has Picatinny rails on the 12, 3, 6 and 9 O'clock position allowing for accessory attachments, something the stock Saiga 12 K didn't allow that.

Finally, magazine, the gas magazine that comes with the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS is much longer and now holds 90 rounds instead of 45, allowing you to pull the trigger 30 times before needing to reload, double the original and double the fun. The Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS magazine comes with a Celsius temperature thermometer inside, which can be accessed by pushing the tab under the knocker valve and pulling the shell apart. Tokyo Marui noted that the optimal temperature to run their Saiga-12K is to keep the magazine at around 25-30 degrees Celsius and it is not recommended to run the magazine at over 40 degrees or under 15 degrees Celsius.

Saiga-12K short barrel custom with improved expandability and full auto function

The second installment of the gas blowback shotgun series is the Saiga-12 SBS, which has added a full auto (repeating) mode!

Not only is it possible to fire three shots simultaneously in semi/full auto mode, but the barrel (16.9 inches) of the Saiga-12K has been significantly cut and is equipped with an enhanced stock that allows the length to be adjusted in six stages. This is a model with original customization to adapt it to CQB (=close combat), such as the use of a removable rail for mounting various optional parts on the dedicated hand guard.

Major features

Semi/full auto firing 3 shots at the same time and intense blowback

Equipped with a blowback engine that uses a large piston with a diameter of approximately 19mm. The bolt operates in conjunction with firing, and you can enjoy intense recoil shock in semi-auto and full auto mode.

Short barrel custom

The length of the outer barrel is 7.5 inches, which is even shorter than the Saiga-12K. The size is 9 inches including the new flash hider made of aluminum cutting, making it easy to handle even in tight spaces.

Dedicated hand guard with or without rail available

The hand guard for Saiga-12 SBS comes standard with 20mm wide (Picatinny standard) rails on the top (top rail assembly) and left and right sides. The included under rail can be attached to the bottom of the hand guard. On the other hand, by removing the top rail assembly, side rails, and under rail, you can enjoy a simple style without rails.

Integrated rail front/rear sight

The top of the handguard is equipped with a mount rail that functions as a front/rear sight. In addition, various optical sights can be installed by attaching the separately sold "Side Lock Mount Rail for AK74" to the side rail equipped on the receiver.

Adjustable length & foldable stock

Equipped with an enhanced buttstock that allows you to change the length of the stock in 6 stages. You can choose the length that suits your body type and situation. The stock can also be folded onto the right side of the main unit.

Auto stop / Dry firing system

Equipped with an auto-stop system that detects when the magazine is empty and stops firing. Furthermore, by turning off the auto-stop cancel switch at the top of the magazine, you can enjoy firing even when there are no BB bullets in the magazine.

Box type long magazine

Comes with a long magazine in a resin case with a capacity of 90 rounds and a temperature measurement sticker on the surface of the internal gas tank.


  • Length: 490 mm (stock folded) / 675 mm (stock unfolded) / 755 mm (stock extended)
  • Barrel length: 200mm
  • Weight: 3480 g (including empty magazine)
  • Shooting Mode: Semi-Auto/Full-Auto (3rds each shot)
  • Recommended Ammo: 6mm BB (0.2~0.25g)
  • Power Source: HCF134A
  • Magazine Capacity: 90 shots
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