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G&G GTP9 Ver.2 Light Weight 50R Gas Magazine

The new G&G GTP 9 Ver.2 Light Weight 50R Gas Magazine is over 50% lighter than the original, meaning the Ver.2 was designed to keep the weight reduction in mind, ensuring an ultra-light loadout that doesn't compromise on durability.

Made out of a lightweight aluminum alloy, this magazine hits a good note in between strength and weight. A sleek black finish gives a touch of tact to your pistol setup. It carries 50 rounds, which is enough to stand your ground with your opponents on the field. That is why this gas magazine is made to fit and work perfectly with the G&G GTP 9 and SMC-9 pistols. It uses green gas as a propellant, firing with consistent power and always cycling.


  • High quality metal construction
  • Extended 50 round capacity
  • Lightweight design to add minimal heft to your gun
  • High tension spring ensures reliable feeding


  • Compatibility: GTP9 / SMC-9 Series and Other Compatible Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns
  • Capacity: 50 rounds
  • Gas Type: Green Gas
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